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algizshield's Journal

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Life and Death.
aesir, agrarianism, ancient history, animism, anthropology, anti-capitalism, anti-conservative, anti-liberal, beauty, beyond left and right, biology, birds, black and gray, black metal, blue and limitless sky, celtic way, class, collective unconscious, communism, consciousness, cooperative nationalism, crust, cyclical history, death metal, deep ecology, divinity, dreams, elitism, enlightened animals, ernst junger, ethnoculture, eugenics, evolution, existentialism, extreme negative imagery, fantasy, fascism, folklore, fomori, friendship, futhark, futurism, geneology, genetics, germanic way, gnosis, graffiti, green anarchism, health, heavy metal, hermann hesse, heroism, history, honesty, horror literature, idea, idealism, imagination, integralism, integrity, joseph campbell, joy, julius evola, kali yuga, language, laughing, life, louis celine, marxism, metahistory, metapolitics, military order, monism, myth, national anarchism, nationalism, naturalism, nature & nurture, neofolk, nietzche, night time, nihilism, not just being cerebral, occult, old night, order, overcoming false dualisms, paganism, permaculture, power, power electronics, pragmatism, prehistory, preservation of the sacred, primitive communism, psychogeography, realism, rejecting anthropocentrism, runes, science fiction, self-honesty, semiotics, situationism, social intelligence, social structure, socialism minus egalitarianism, speculating about the future, sustainable living, the face of death, the third position, total transformation of society, traditionalism, transcending despair, transhumanism, tribalism, tuatha de danaan, vanir, wilderness, wildlife, yukio mishima